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Welcome to my site.  By now you're probably wondering, "who the hell is this guy"?  Well, quite simply I'm someone whose passion for music got the better of him.  Like yourself, I'm sure, I chose this beaten path because I had to.  Creativity is not a choice, its a necessity.  And with it comes a certain obsession with getting things right, be that a lyric, a melody, a rhythm or timbre. 

These days you are overwhelmed with choices when it comes to recording.  Should you record in a commercial studio or home studio?  Click or no click?  New strings or gently worn in strings?  What about drum heads? Coated or non coated, single or double ply?  What microphone?  Which plugins, DAW's, and vst instruments should you use?  Sound like alot to deal with?  It is.  The truth is, however, that it really doesn't matter how you get there, only that you do

Let me help guide you down this path.  When you work with me I create a process that's personally tailored to You and your music.  I'll figure what each song needs, how its best recorded, and most importantly how to bring your vision alive.   perfect hybrid of vintage and modern, digital and analog.  Let me obsess over the details while you concentrate on your art.  I'll craft

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